Bull s




well the boys left with a couple of Bulls 3 if you want the numbers .Weather was the  shits for a couple of days but for the most it was a good trip. Biggest bull was lucky Lorran ,Rusty's was all right but he shot the horn right off after 6 shots the moose was a real survivor lucky Kenny was there to help ,someone has to dellagate the work .Me and Gary had to watch a bull till dark before he shot 'he said every minute it was alive the horns would get bigger thats all we'll say about the size of that one ,but we had to drag it to shore and drag it up one bank buy ourself.( tell his wife to up the life insurance before he comes back) huff and puff .All in all it was a good trip no fist fights or guns shots in camp,good food 'and I did"nt have to eat Denty Moorr .Only thing i missed was black mushrooms

hope Kenny gets his 5th as I got 0,0%



Well the stringer mystery is about to be solved ,1# is on the spot to prove if the new stringer is as lucky as the old one was or if it's all his fishing skill that kept the stringer full.I'm leaning toward the lucky stringer as I don't see how he would have time to catch the fish  with all the smoking he does.the weather has been warm and buggy the black flies would eat you up the last couple of days,calling for rain on monday hope their wrong as we only have 16 case of enterainment fluid we need some good days to keep us away from camp.We'll be thinking of the guy stuck at home with drywall dust in his eyes wishing that he was here with us