Well the stringer mystery is about to be solved ,1# is on the spot to prove if the new stringer is as lucky as the old one was or if it's all his fishing skill that kept the stringer full.I'm leaning toward the lucky stringer as I don't see how he would have time to catch the fish  with all the smoking he does.the weather has been warm and buggy the black flies would eat you up the last couple of days,calling for rain on monday hope their wrong as we only have 16 case of enterainment fluid we need some good days to keep us away from camp.We'll be thinking of the guy stuck at home with drywall dust in his eyes wishing that he was here with us

10/2/2008 08:15:55 pm

well i did receive my new $247 canadian
stringer yesterday. it came in a envelope,
normal postage cost,so you know it has to
be a good one. less than a ounce.......
.......... sorry about the pause there
as i was haveing a smoke but it keeps the black flies away. back to the stringer
my goal next week is to catch a stringer full of fish
and have my picture taken to prove it
and i will post it here if i can fig.....
.....ure (sorry about the pause,had another smoke)out how to do that
talk to you all later
going to go and have a smoke
anybody got a light?

big steve
10/3/2008 11:15:28 pm

Yes, .....I will have drywall dust in my eyes but I am headed to buy my a 1500 honda goldwing sl in denver today! The only
reason I am buying it is
to ...............BLOW THE DUST OUT OF MY
EYES AFTER WORK! I will look at the flee market to see if I can find a battery powered fan to blow the smoke out of #1 eyes so he see what he is doing! HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!! I'll keep working!

G B Pete
10/5/2008 10:11:24 am

Well I how Gary sees a Moose this year not to wish anything on #1 but he got his last time. What's up with the Stringer story? In all seriousness I how that you all tag out! Good luck! I hope Jim's feeling better when you all get there.

big steve
10/6/2008 02:08:20 pm

IT WORKED......IT WORKED.....THE DUST IS OUT OF MY EYES!!!!Tell #1 I hope you all get just enough wind to blow the smoke out of his eyes! Have you seen Bullwinkel yet? Did you get that stringer filled up yet #1? If not you might have to come down here this winter for CATFISH SUPPER!!! Let us all know how the hunt went when you get back!

10/8/2008 12:24:11 am

Has anybody shot Bulwinkle? Tell the guys from Kansas gas has dropped to $2.87 a gallon if u read this before they leave. weather is not bad here, rain on Monday 2", cool on Tuesday about 70. I had real good time fishing in Aug. Rusty didn't believe us we left is 5+ lb pickerel in your freezer when we left.

big steve
10/10/2008 01:30:10 pm

Bullwinkle are you out there? Hey Jim we are all wondering if there was any good excitement to hear about? Let's see some pictures!!!! Did ya get snowed on? How did that fish stringer work that I made #1? OKAY........I'LL KEEP WAITING FOR SOME INFO!!!!


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