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well the boys left with a couple of Bulls 3 if you want the numbers .Weather was the  shits for a couple of days but for the most it was a good trip. Biggest bull was lucky Lorran ,Rusty's was all right but he shot the horn right off after 6 shots the moose was a real survivor lucky Kenny was there to help ,someone has to dellagate the work .Me and Gary had to watch a bull till dark before he shot 'he said every minute it was alive the horns would get bigger thats all we'll say about the size of that one ,but we had to drag it to shore and drag it up one bank buy ourself.( tell his wife to up the life insurance before he comes back) huff and puff .All in all it was a good trip no fist fights or guns shots in camp,good food 'and I did"nt have to eat Denty Moorr .Only thing i missed was black mushrooms

hope Kenny gets his 5th as I got 0,0%


big steve
10/11/2008 11:27:15 am

I am not seeing any pictures!!! How did the stringer do? Do ya think I should work Gary a little to get him in shape.....I have around 600 sheets of 4x12 rock to hang next week. That should kill him or cure him dont ya think? Sounds like ya had a good time. Now you can set back and rest all of us hunters and fisherman will leave you alone for a while...........NOT EVEN!!!!

10/13/2008 09:12:49 pm

Well I finaly got a little rest after a
week of guiding for moose, cooking,
cleaning fish,basically doing what all good
CB'S do. Up every mourning by 5am to
get coffee going for the boys.
I especially like the early mornings
before all the boys were up and it was
just Jim and I camaradering.Lots of
finger pointing as to who snores the
loudest every morning. I do belive
Big Gary and Roland have the honor
of that debate. Speaking of Roland
I think we have outstanding up and
coming guide.Roland asked Loren the
first day out just exactly what where
they looking for as they were out in
the boat.Loren told Roland to look
for any big black spots on the waters
edge that moved (rocks don't move)
so the very next day he spotted 5
moving black spots and one had horns,
the rest is history.Loren is one
moose killing machine. I guided Rusty
to a nice bull on Thursday and got him
up close,another down moose. I waited
till Thursday because all good guides
never take a paying hunter out and
find moose on the 1st or 2nd day we
like for a hunter to get his moneys
worth and look like we realy earned
guiding fee.Rolands young but he will
learn the tricks of the trade. Jim and his shadow (Big Gary)scored Thursday
evening on a 2 point (moose)Doug from
a few years back had the title of
horn size (small).Brian still is
waiting to score,he hunts hard but
never seems to be in the right spot
at the right time. kind of like
Tony G. of Nebraska. Well time to go
will post more later All had good time

10/14/2008 09:33:59 pm

well i tried to get black mushrooms
for jim.opened a can when we got to
camp and let them sit out all week
they never did turn black.will try
next year will open can in August
and see if that will help age them.
only caught 1 keeper (fish)and we ate
it for lunch did'nt realy need a stringer this year but i did put it on
the stringer for a while and at lunch
every one said the fresh canadian jack
tasted like rust now i know the fish
was fresh i kind tink it was
something in the stringer.how long does
it take for a $247 canadian stringer to
can't wait to get my full 1/5 of moose meat. big gary took all the moose parts
to kansas (thats like putting a fox in
charge of the hen house don't u tink?)
there were a few shots fired at camp,
brian killed one of the nicest and
bigest rocks i've seen in a long time.
we also had to keep the rabid gulls
and rats out of camp. jim and i went
chicken hunting one afternoon, did not
get any chickens but did find full 24
of happy fluid.which we did what all good guides do,we lighten the load to carry back to camp (roland... another
trick of the trade)
had denty moor for lunch sure was good.
had to find some way to pass the time
before rusty and i went to help every one else with the down moose.timeing was perfect we got there just as they
where coming out of the bay with the
moose all loaded.
till next time
keep your powder dry

Big Gary
10/16/2008 11:56:33 pm

Seems like everything you hear about these days is GREEN--cities etc. Well doing my part to keep the enviroment green ,and to reduce the amount of lead in the beautiful area that Jim lives in. Tis better to take a small MOOSE with only one well placed shot,as opposed to a larger animal that takes 6 to 12 and still have to follow him around

1/29/2011 10:09:24 pm

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. Do you think so?


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