There sure has been a lot of  activaty on this site so thought i better start anouther page. Has been a good winter so far but staing to cool off ,does'nt seem to bother us as much as it does you southern sportsmen ,thats not what me and the boy call you but this is a public site so I'll stop there
Looking to forward to the this year hope it will be as good as it was this past year
Just about forgot, commision checks will be coming late  do to some uncollected bills
1/20/2011 09:41:53 am

going after the quad this weekend--please send bail money

1/20/2011 08:45:59 pm

looks like gary droped the #'s all together
just as well, who wants to be #2 anyway.
gary if you need bail money call me....
i wont send any but i would like you to
use your only phone call ha..ha..ha..
i saw a message from todd that he and
tongue puncher were going to sit and
watch/read how all this unfolds,well todd is doing that but tongue puncher
seems to be trying to p..s with the
big dogs and he is just

a pup
us old dogs have to stand together
back to back dont you think so gary?
got to go i tink i heard gary knocking.

Dvorak the Elder
1/23/2011 11:19:13 pm

#1 and Gary are gonna kiss and make up..
mebbe if you stand back to back, we won't be able to tell when youre just sleeping

2/2/2011 07:02:58 am

looks like the up and comer figured out he didn't have a chance so he backed way off.

tongue puncher
2/4/2011 03:16:52 am

A smart young pup would be able to find a way to get the ol dogs together and learn from them both! Ranger training say... get ever cent "penny"worth of knowledge you can to better yourself!

2/6/2011 01:38:16 am

We have both been around someone with RANGER training, It'll never happen -right Kenny

2/12/2011 09:53:19 pm

uh sorry gary.I must have dosed off
thats what old dogs do.and a person should
always leave a sleeping dog lie
you are right it will never happen.
i would give tongue puncher a penny
for his thoughts on this though,
oh wait a minute he already owes me
one thought
who the hell is dvorak the elder anyway
i thought you were the elder.. pause.. gary
he aint nothing but a big walking ,
talking cheeburger (wish i had one)
looks like he might be trying to find
a tree or pants leg to p...s on also
time to go
always remmember gary
i got your back
and i hear you knocking

tongue puncher
3/3/2011 07:09:06 am

The high on Monday Feb. 28 was "58"!!! Unfortionatly the temp wasn't! Watch out for the chicken!

tim laycock
7/10/2011 09:07:23 am

8/24/2011 01:49:43 am

8/24/2011 01:51:07 am

36 more days till were off to camp boys!

9/8/2011 11:34:16 am

2011 season rapidly approaching,better get another page going eh!!!!!!!

tongue puncher
9/8/2011 10:47:15 pm

21 days booys! Can't wait to put some moose and kokanee down! Top dog sounds like he's getting in the mood too! See ya all soon!

4/24/2012 04:50:16 pm

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