Well everyones all gone fishing was goods ,hunters had to work but erveryone did good.Still no frost weather has been good but windy.


Very windy yesterday,a couple of planes flew in .had a fun time landing in the cross wind .Fished the river some not biting like they where but they caught some for supper.Hunters stayed in did not fish,all the hunters went by land last night got 2 bears ,1 average the other above aveage will weigh this morning .Looks like anouther windy day need to get everyone moving early this morning before the wind comes up.I'm sure that will work



weel we finaly got  going sinday morning about 10;30 headed dowen the north shore caught lots of northerns nothing big but lots of them 4-6 pounders had linck beforew waterfall bay I went and fished bating then we  went to coffee point and fished there not mush by the red cabin but did good farther along biggest of the day16 pounds and one 4 pound walleye we say who cught the waleye monday has come and gone the guys went out and caught some fish came in about 3 said fish were doing good i took Don up to his bait Roland went across with the others no luck with roland  but Don got one nice bear around 150 will weigh this morn after he shot looked behind him and seen one he figured to be twice this ones size will try to get someone out on the lake to tonight it was just like glass last night 


Well the guys got in lastr night don't expect the big gut till afternoon if he has no problems a the border me and the boyare going out this morning and do some baiting looks like it is a nice day maybe we can rope bullwinkle for a later date


went out in the evening yesterday to bait the north shore ,big storms west and south ,wind was blowing pretty good waterfall bay looked like a flock of sheep covered the whole bay,checked all the baits all cleaned out,looks like it could be a great fall hunt ,some of the guys should be getting here on Saturday the reast on Sunday ,hope the weather cooperates


Went out yesterday evening and baited baits looked good. Not much wind but a big storm looked like it was coming up so did'nt have time to do any fishing got home 8:20


Well September is here will have the bear hunters next week looks like it should be a good hunt if the weather cooperates.Fishing is still good but can't see the river keep on producing for much longer ,but out on the lake there's been some nice fish caught