Very windy yesterday,a couple of planes flew in .had a fun time landing in the cross wind .Fished the river some not biting like they where but they caught some for supper.Hunters stayed in did not fish,all the hunters went by land last night got 2 bears ,1 average the other above aveage will weigh this morning .Looks like anouther windy day need to get everyone moving early this morning before the wind comes up.I'm sure that will work


9/11/2008 09:32:33 pm

only have 1 bear to get yet?
all black so far?
did the big guy bring up my
$247 canadian stringer?
you be carefull jimmie if it's windy.

rib steaks or new yorks?
tinking about doing a little shopping.

9/11/2008 10:10:36 pm

ribs always good,all blackies have'nt seen stringer but it's here
that's what I'm tinking


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