well itoday's the first morning that we had below freezing,and the geese were flying all day and night ,leaves are changing fast looks like fall is here.stiill trying to beat this cold it's good in the daytime at night it I feel like shit .going to going to try and go out and see if we can hear bullwinckle call this evening.

9/18/2008 09:27:46 pm

hope you are getting better
did you hear bullwinkle
i wouldn't be able to
with my poor hearing
so if you answer this comment
please type a little louder

9/25/2008 02:28:19 pm

Hey Jim Bo its your best payattention guide #?!?!? I am going to find that damm stringer so #1 doesn't have to come to my house to eat fish this winter!! I will get it in the mail to him before he leaves next saturday to head that way! Has anybody checked any of the baits since we left?

9/26/2008 03:40:47 am

1# reminded me to as you for the stringer that grumpy lost but i forgot so if he don't get it before he come up he can come and have some fish with me bears are through for the year looking forward to the spring,weather has been windy going to try to go out and cut wood ,move stands and haul entertainment fluid out tomorrow if its not to windy .went out last weekend and rolland caught a 203 but could not get any pictures as it was to windy


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