Well looks like fall is here ,even thou the  weather is warmer than it has been all summer.Three more weeks till moose season ,looks like theres one nfg that will keep 1# busy . I need know how many kok to get,Hope every one is in shape so they can keep up to 1# as he quit smoking and is doing heavy manual labor so he should be a moose hauling machine
9/13/2009 04:44:07 am

Can't believe that moose huntin' season is only three weeks away can't wait.hope he is a lot bigger this year. As far as keeping up with #1, shouldn't be all that hard -as he never did anything anyway.If someone shot a moose ,that he had to take people over to help ,he would always disappear anyway,some bud he is. As far as the KOK --get lots

9/30/2009 09:00:40 pm

only 2 days till we leave for the north
country. looks like the weather has
returned to more normal.have worked

for the last 8 days not counting
holidays and weekends and any day that ends with a y,i should be in
great shape to help out with the cooking
and bartending(beer me loren)i hear that the moose are still in velvet,
so gary you have a chance at abigger
one this year as long as you wait till
the day we leave to get one.this will be my 3rd trip this year, the drive
does'nt get any shorter though.
will let everyone know how the trip goes


9/30/2009 09:31:16 pm

Glad to here 1# in shape as it looks like the weather is cool and will need lots of wood cut and hauled maybe I'd buy him a new blade for the hand saw if he would inculd me on his barte4nder list.Picked up some KoK yesterday,on the way home seen the guy i work for in the winter stopped to BS when he said it looked like one of the cases of kok was leaking after much searching an hour later he admitted he was wrong and stumbled back to work so i'll have to pick the hunters up an extra case .i'm sure they'll understand as one leaky beer could F up all the cases and they could break on the way across the lake.A good guide is always thinking

10/1/2009 01:01:05 am

well we're heading out on the lake to check the saw blade for #1.sure hope the wind don't come up and the beer will braeak, don't know how much beer the hunters can afford. oh yeah hope gary get's a good sleep i hear he's getting the honeymoon suit.

10/14/2009 07:45:16 am

It looks the most talked about FNGG got the first moose this year and the biggest. I was told" IT WAS LUCK NOT SKILL". Had a great time at moose camp this year.

1/1/2010 03:07:51 am

Not only did the fngg get the first and the biggest moose of the season ,but also the cheapest.

Dvorak the Elder
11/3/2010 06:21:48 am


When are we gonna get to chattin about 2010??

I'm hankerin for a "cheebuger" from the outdoor grill....

Gary, weren't those good?

GARY: future #1
11/29/2010 11:27:36 pm

Looks like we are the only ones that had any fun this year. or maybe just waiting for a update on the whole site.
Have some pretty good contenders for ##1's position, competion won't to tough though. anyone can do what he does.
Had great time this year, the weather was to warm which resulted in the #'s of animals sited but it sure mde the kkok go down smooth.
Need to get on Jim"s butt to get site updated. Looking forward to next year and maybe a bigger moose and more of them

Dvorak the Elder
12/14/2010 04:26:41 am

I hear ya Gary....
You'd think with all the snow and bitter ass cold up there that Jim would have plenty of downtime and update this thing....
must have built an igloo with no cable/sat hookup!

Gary #1 1/4
1/12/2011 08:17:15 am

Looks like we finally got things updated a little. Still keep thinking about the fun we had on the Moose hunt this year. Good group of guys,still undecided about 1 of them though, might take a few more years to make a decision.Then i'll probably be wrong, just so he keeps his boat close to shore, might need to use his new paddle. Talked to ole tongue puncher Brad the other day---He wants me for a guide this Oct. won't be bad though will give #1 a little relief though, as if he needs it Oct is only 10 months away. thank God

Tongue Puncher (Brad)
1/15/2011 02:26:29 am

Hey Gary! Sure could use some bacon wrapped shrimp this year at camp. We'll see if #1 knows how to cook!

1/16/2011 02:39:29 am

First of all let me clear up a misunderstanding on something that has bothered me for a while. there can be only 1 #1.. we do not go in fractions or partials like 1 1/4 ect.Therefore B.Gary
or #2 whats this about a new paddle?
i never received anything lately,but a package did come for a guy named
Ben Dover alittle before Christmas.
I did'nt open it because it was'nt for me.
i dont need a paddle but #2 could use one as i think he and tongue puncher
had to row ashore one day and then call a tow truck i mean a tow boat to get them back to camp.
Kind of nice to have a extra couple hundred to spend on Christmas. dont
worry #2 its not from jim he dont
get the commish checks out till january
should be a good one with all the bear and moose hunters i brought up this
year couldn't have done it without taking over grummpys week though.
my commish check would be bigger but
jim says i have to absorb part of the
nonpayers of bear hunts past.
well time to go and get some food
a big ole cheeburger does sound good
as does some bacon wraped shrimp

gary wolters
1/18/2011 08:44:49 am

Seems like there is a little misunderstanding, or else someone's oletimers disease is flairing up a little Seems to me that we did call for a tow boat,__Reply was that we weren't that far from shore we could row row row our boat. I still remember the walk back to the cabin,but wait I remember seeing a boat coming a little closer,but must have sunk never to be seen again probably better call the PMP's probably still out there somewhere, maybe they will send another helicopter to find and another Grand Island idiot.that doesn't understand that if a boat is taking on water and no one wants to help,(partially because of the rowing incident) pull the damn plug and go, go ,go--or paddle Damn we have fun,don't we?????

Dvorak the Elder
1/19/2011 04:09:24 am

hmmm....I'm thinking this could get fun...
Hey tongue puncher, let's sit back and watch....mebbe with a cheebuger and bacon wrapped shrimp

tongue puncher
1/19/2011 06:05:42 am

tongue puncher
1/19/2011 06:22:29 am

ya know...while these overly aged (lol) fellas are havin a p___ing match over whos got the title theres a young up and comer sneakin up behind em! cheeseburgers, bacon shrimp and don't forget the pickles and kokanee!!! Gunnin for #1!!!

1/19/2011 07:37:49 am

i am haveing a little toddie now so i will have to get back a little later

gary wolters
1/19/2011 09:25:45 am

Now I know he is on his way to stepping down....... Can't do two things at once. whos the young comer he's just a dreamer!

1/24/2011 09:12:16 am

hope the young gunner[ I mean cummer] thinks he's capable of coming from behind, he's got a lot of years of experience to go against. ?'s where's firebait- river bait- and how many times has the RCMP's had to look for Doc


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