So far a hot fall lets hope that it cools off some before October
# 1
9/9/2011 03:48:43 am

yes cool weather will ne welcome
october 1st wont come soon enough for
me or tongue puncher
today was 21 days
tomorrow will be 20 days
i get a call reminding every day
loren has the new truck we will be taking ( to much money)( im jealous)
seems to be pleny big
big gary might just fit in.
are your dues paid up on triple AAA
boat towing service gary?
if not i have a brand new oar i will
rent for the week
hopefull brian told his wife when
he will be leaving for the great north
he will be just back from
mexico and then heads north the next day
should be interesting
never hear from todd the elder
you still around?
with all the cooking,cleaning,and guiding i have to do for no pay
i must sure like the north country
a hell of a lot
got to go
and not to work i might add
will get you next time roland

Big Gary
9/17/2011 04:57:58 am

Sure is getting close almost time to go Started sharpening knives this morning,as I know #1 will find a way to get out of helping to do the multiple moose that will be coming into camp this year.
Can't count on him for much of anything except for the cooking,let me take that back, he will bring you OJ and water when you have been strugling with a down MOOSE and ask for adult beverages. Seem like he is really seasoned on getting out of work ETC.
But don't worry #1 boat is running good since Jim and I wrenched on it this spring when I was up there helping him WORK getting ready for the spring season.
Only 13 more days till we depart.EH!

tongue puncher
9/28/2011 06:09:43 am

Getting down to the last few days before we leave. Lookin forward to seein everyone in camp and having a successful year. Wonder what will be on all the trail camaras that roland put out for us? Thanks! Lmao! See ya all soon!

Big Gary
9/28/2011 11:31:41 am

Gettin close,little warm will make work, Got'em spotted on Google Maps

9/28/2011 10:21:18 pm

what ?
did someone mention work?

Dvorak the Elder
10/31/2011 04:21:42 am

So, other than the annual bitchin and braggin..........

How'd it go??

Who all went, and who all scored???
(other than tongue puncher...TMI)

fill us all in, so we can start dreamin bout next year!

11/4/2011 10:02:54 pm

he's ALIVE

Dvorak the Elder
11/7/2011 12:55:07 am

oh sure #1....take the time to jab but not the time to tell us about the hunt.
or, did you just forget the question, as you were typing...
you know, being old and all

Odin Anderson
12/9/2011 01:46:59 pm


I contacted you about a party of 10 for the 26th of May thru June 3rd. I would like to talk some more about it. Is it possible to visit thru email? My email address is We were going to hunt on the Manitoba side and do some fishing.


3/2/2012 07:24:12 pm

Just checking back in with you. It looks like there will be only 5 of us coming on the 25th of May and staying thru the 1st of 2nd of June. 2 smaller cabins might work or one larger one. I lost your email address.

Odin L. Anderson

4/2/2012 02:40:09 am

Hey Jim,

We have talked about the cabin(s) for the bear hunting in Manitoba.

I need to know that we are still a go for one cabins for 4 people now. We will be there from May 25th and leave on the 3rd of June.

Please reply to

Odin L. Anderson
Bismarck, ND

Hope to hear from you soon.

tongue puncher
4/2/2012 08:19:13 am

As im sitting here drinking a frosty beverage I can't help but think we made it half way to season! 6 months boys!

Bryan Dean
4/2/2012 12:24:53 pm


Havent been there since 2008, but we are bringing our teen age boys again. We are talking about June 6 - 10. Could be as many as 5 adults and 13 boys. Need cabins and boats. Will call and talk soon. Just a early heads up.

8/9/2012 11:17:12 am

Been so long since #1 has had an income that he possibly might not be able to afford to go to moose camp this year, seems he couldn't make it this spring due to the lack of a free ride. Guys--- if we can't find him a source of income soon we will be forced to find a new cook and orange juice delivery boy. Help find him a job please. It's coming up sooner than we think.
Hear that Jim already has one spotted for Brad.
Won't be long before we'ss be North bound. Will leave #1 a box of Kleenex


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