8/25/2013 01:31:31 am

Getting closer by the day. C J might want to make sure he oils the hinges on the door to the lost and found dept #1'sprobably will be wearing the door out. NFG's always in trouble out there. Got a good idea while on the pot this A.M. looking at a Cabelas catalog They make GPS collars for dog location how about FNG's

8/27/2013 09:51:00 pm

lot closer than you tink B G leaving friday with the fng to check things out
probably help C J out on the cabin like you said you would
when you where there a while back
catch a few pickerel with my new secret lures C J ask me to get
in the secret honey holes C J said he will show me and
only me
maybe put out a few trail cams for the nfg
B G you dont need one do you?
because i have never seen a boat mount for a trail cam
got to go to work

9/5/2013 11:18:04 am

Can already see where this year is going. Putting out trail cam for the fng Don't get lost doing so.

9/10/2013 09:48:37 am

fng and i plus the girls got back from cj"s place couple of days ago.
very good trip
jesse, fngs daughter shot a very nice 220 lbs plus bear monday evening{ labor day)
and between cj fng jesse tina and me plus al the help from the black flies and mosquitios we got he bear looaded and hauld back to camp i fell down while helping to get the brut out of the bush and stayed down till they got it to the boat ,go figure.on that .
the fishing was awesome
monday was a special day lots of walleye caught (not by me ) nice bear down and loaded and in camp
havent heard from brad yet
kind worrried he shoud be letting everyone know how many days till
blast off
chad hasnt said anything eighter
loren wont sat anthing because ke cant spel
pat say suppe ready ...got to go
oh who did i for get
me best buddy
are u ready bg?
dont forget your oar

9/14/2013 07:44:02 am

Looks to like #1 needs to go back in the antique teachers hall of fame and find his old spelling teacher and just slap the hell out of her for doing such a poor job. On second thought maybe she was a good teacher and #1 was a poor student with a joint in hand

9/11/2013 11:20:22 am

Thought I'd chime in. Y'all have fun this year, gonna miss it.

Tongue puncher
9/11/2013 11:22:45 pm

Well well well...it seems to me that there is about 21days till departure! Looks like pampa has his typing fingers all warmed and running! (I wonder if he has to be on the clock to do that?) looking forward to having cj guide me into a few good fishing holes this year as #1 has a fng to take hunting! Speaking of the fng, I sure hope he can get used to dish pan hands and a GPS stuck to his butt! Might make him easier to find! Lol! See ya all soon!

9/17/2013 12:10:04 pm

Maybe #1 will get some overtime in, with fng,, Keep track of your time, can bring my laptop to turn time in.

9/25/2013 09:41:20 pm

BG make sure you bring plenty of latex gloves
just in case your number is drawn for the free exam from the fng
maybee i could rig the drawing if i would get some kind
of compensation (kokonee,kash,kandy)
pretty quite on this here talk/type show
TP doesnt call very often to let me know how many days
stupider never calls (i let you know why loren is stupider later)
brian calls more often than anybody and he not going (to bad)
chad is to busy trying to find a better place to hid the kokonee
roland is to busy taxiing
im almost to busy WORKING FULL TIME
not sure where the fngs at
brobably getting some extra gloves
got to go and spend some of CJ'S phone money

9/27/2013 11:10:43 am

Hey gang, just a quick note to say good luck to all. . Happy b-day Jim. Pouring 30 yards of concrete tomorrow if anybody wants to WORK:)

9/27/2013 11:46:00 am

Leaving in early am (Saturday), plan on having moose down before you D-ASS's get there. Will have camp set up, need food, and koke's. See ya on the flip side. Gonna check out C J new hot spot. Also making sure the CRMP's on stand by....

Mad Chad
9/27/2013 11:52:39 am

On mission ain't got time to hide kokanee, got bear to hunt, left BG behind, slept in too late, freaking blanket ass

PS Still brought spidy man blankee, cause we can't have no heat in cabin, uh uh uh #1 needs to sleep on porch, will give you dog pillow (BIG dog pillow) (BIG BIG dog big big big dog pillow) and a blankee ( Barbie work for you?) but don't let us see nothing.

Tongue puncher
9/28/2013 09:31:04 am

Bg and chadley are on their way, pampa got the shopping done, I'm just waiting on my ride. The nfg is kinda quiet haven't heard much from him, he must be moisturizing his hands up for...??? Loren been quiet too he must be doin his pre-kill big moose ceremony! Happy Birthday to the most laid back guy I know, cj!!! And yes he is taking me fishing! It's 9am somewhere cj will see you soon!

2/10/2014 01:05:18 am

Did nobody have any fun there this year,?? no post hunt comments,


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